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    The Sanoclean System

    Sanoclean describes a composite panel made of 3mm thick HPL (High-Pressure Laminate) sheets on both sides, which are bonded with a PU adhesive to an EPS W30 rigid foam core.

    If required for fire protection requirements, fire protection panels of different thicknesses are additionally bonded within the HPL sheets.

    This sandwich construction is completely free of organic components and therefore suitable for environments with the highest requirements for sterility and cleanliness.

    The edges of the Sanoclean cleanroom panel are formed with extruded, anodized aluminum profiles, which are flush-fitted into the panel. These profiles are designed with a 3mm roundness for minimization of injury and easier cleaning of the panels.

    • Highly impact and scratch-resistant surface
    • Resistance to common cleaning and disinfectant agents
    • Waterproof construction
    • Test reports for surface cleaning
    • Panel size up to 4100x1300mm
    • Edges with anodized aluminum profiles, also available in RAL powder-coated upon request
    • Standard colors in stock are white 0085 and light gray 0741, other colors according to the collection available on request