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    As a producer of custom-made furniture, which is exclusively produced according to customer requirements, we do not have any standard sizes or designs except for stainless steel furniture and accessories. We can manufacture in any technically feasible size and can thus flexibly meet all requirements.

    Cleanroom Furniture

    We manufacture all kinds of furniture for cleanrooms, airlocks, and production areas with our Sanoclean cleanroom panels. Based on customer requirements, available space, and in coordination with electrical and media trades, we can realize almost any request.

    The following examples illustrate the wide range of applications for this furniture:

    • Cabinets with full extension drawers
    • Cabinets with hinged doors
    • Rolling cabinets
    • Worktables with reinforced work surfaces for higher loads
    • Special frames for scales with anti-vibration plates and granite filling
    • Cabinets for wet areas with flush-mounted stainless steel sinks
    • Shoe racks and benches
    • Lockers in personnel airlocks
    • Shelves
    • Polycarbonate bins for personnel airlock needs (gloves, hoods, beard covers, etc.)
    • Glasses boxes
    • Lockable personnel boxes in airlock areas

    Laboratory Furniture

    In areas with lower material requirements, we can also produce all furniture in laboratory panels. Here we use panels with the same surface quality in terms of chemical resistance, the difference to the cleanroom panels is in the core, where a V100 chipboard is used here. The edges of the panels are bonded with 2mm ABS, making the panel moisture-resistant but not waterproof.

    Work surfaces and panels with stainless steel sinks are also made from Sanoclean cleanroom panels to ensure longer durability in case of water damage.

    Stainless Steel

    Not all furniture can be economically produced from panels, which is why we offer some complementary products from our partner for stainless steel furniture.

    The following products are exemplary:

    • Mobile shelf units
    • Garbage and laundry collectors
    • Paper towel dispensers
    • Roller cutting devices
    • Storage racks in sterile areas with slotted floors
    • Storage racks with closed floors
    • Hanging baskets for wall rails
    • Mobile frame for XXL bags with a capacity of up to 1000l


    • Polycarbonate protocol holders in A4 and A3
    • Cleanroom and laboratory chairs from Bimons
    • Anti-vibration plate for laboratory scales from Mettler Toledo