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    Doors and Special Doors

    Cleanroom doors

    We manufacture our cleanroom doors using the Sanoclean system. Together with the 66mm system frame made of anodized aluminum profiles, the door is integrated flush into the cleanroom wall on the hinge side, with the backside recessed 15mm into the wall.

    In principle, any dimensions in mm increments can be produced, with the maximum size of the doors limited only by the panel format and is 2790x1250mm for single doors. Special solutions are also possible upon request. Standard colors in stock are white 0085 and light gray 0741.

    Custom colors according to the collection are possible, and the aluminum profiles can also be powder-coated according to the RAL catalog.

    Double-leaf doors are similarly possible up to 2790x2500mm DGL.

    The following features are possible for cleanroom doors:

    • Flush glazing on both sides in 4mm ESG (or mirror)
    • Integrated floor drop seal
    • Flush and adjustable overflow openings
    • Door closer
    • Bumper strips made of PE or stainless steel
    • Integration of any type of locks

    The use of 3D hinges enables optimal adjustment, and various electrical components can be installed without visible wiring. A black silicone gasket is used for sealing, and the handle set is made of stainless steel as an object fitting.

    If the cleanroom door is designed as a sliding door, the system frame is of course eliminated. We use branded fittings from Austria and Switzerland for sliding door hardware. The rails are concealed behind covers and can optionally be designed with a sloping roof covering in the cleanroom.

    Of course, sliding doors can also be operated with an automatic drive.

    Fire doors

    The EI30 fire doors are visually identical to a Sanoclean cleanroom door. The essential properties are realized with components in the door leaf, including a unique internal fire protection strip, which improves the cleanability of the door leaf.

    The maximum size for single-leaf fire doors is limited to 1300x2500mm due to approval, and for double-leaf fire doors to 2300x2500mm. Installation is only possible as a complete door element, and the necessary steel frame must be installed in a solid or drywall with a minimum thickness of 100mm.

    All features as for cleanroom doors – except overflow openings – are possible. However, the maximum size of the flush-mounted fire-resistant glazing on both sides is limited to 980x630mm depending on the door size.

    We cannot offer an EI30 sliding door.

    At this point, we would like to point out the required regular maintenance/inspections of fire doors, which we can also offer you.

    Gas-tight doors

    For 20 years, Kratschmann has been the market leader in Austria in the manufacture of gas-tight doors, which are used for maximum safety in BSL 3 laboratories and airlocks.

    Unlike many competitor products, we use a circumferential inflatable special seal, which together with the 1.4301 stainless steel special frame ensures a gas-tight room connection.

    Gas-tight doors require a particularly reinforced wall attachment due to the large pressure and weight forces, which is why relevant information should be obtained from us in advance.

    The frame can be designed with or without a threshold, so drivable material airlocks can be realized without restriction.

    The necessary electrical and pneumatic components for the operation of gas-tight doors are integrated into the door element, enabling easy integration into the building. Of course, we can enable any integration into local systems, along with the necessary control. Of course, we can enable any integration into local systems together with the necessary control. By default, a stand-alone solution is provided that only requires a 230VAC power connection.

    Unlike traditional doors, gas-tight doors do not have locks or handles, as they cannot be executed gas-tight. The door’s locking mechanism is achieved by the pressurized seal that prevents unintended opening. The entire sealing and relaxation process is automatic and indicated to the user by corresponding LED signals.

    Possible sizes and features:

    • Max. door leaf size for single leaf 1250x2400mm
    • Max. door leaf size for double leaf 2500x2400mm
    • Window from 1150 parapet height up to 200mm remaining frieze width
    • Also available with stainless steel 1.4301 door surface
    • Automatic door drive
    • Single-leaf also possible as EI30 design – see gas-tight door EI30

    Gas-tight doors are not subject to legally required regular inspections, but we recommend regular maintenance/inspection due to their use in sensitive areas for safety reasons, which we can also offer you.

    Our references: Medical University of Vienna, Hoffmann LaRoche Basel, Cantonal Hospital of St. Gallen, Uppsala University Sweden, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer Germany, Pfizer Austria, Takeda Austria, LKH Graz, Valneva Austria, Intervet/Merck Vienna, MEDEX/Merck Netherlands, and many more.

    Gas-tight door EI30

    In addition to the above information, the following points should be noted for gas-tight EI30 doors:

    • Installation exclusively in solid walls, as the frame must be embedded and cast
    • NO stainless steel surface on the door leaf
    • Design only for single leaf
    • Maximum dimension DGL 1300x2400mm
    • Maximum dimension fire-resistant glazing 500x500mm
    • Additional mechanical locking by electric lock in mounted stainless steel box

    Due to the extensive preliminary work required for this design, timely information is urgently recommended to the client, and we will be happy to advise you.

    Gas-tight fire doors, like regular fire doors, must be regularly maintained. We explicitly point this out here. We can offer these maintenance/inspections for you.

    Our references: Intervet/Merck Vienna, Merck Krems, AGES Austria, Medical University of Vienna, Hygiene Center of the City of Vienna, Sitem Island AG Switzerland, and many more.

    Airlock doors

    All doors we produce can also be executed as airlock doors, and the respective airlock function is guaranteed either externally or by our airlock control.

    The necessary release of the door opening can be controlled by holding magnets (Dorma TV200), electric door opener (working current/rest current), or electric locks.

    The respective selection is up to the user and is limited by approval for fire doors.

    All necessary wiring of locking components and monitoring contacts is done invisibly in the frame or the door leaf.

    Automatic door drive

    All doors we produce can also be additionally equipped with an automatic door drive.

    We work exclusively with FAAC Austria (formerly RECORD Austria) and can offer a complete package.

    The necessary control of these drives is determined together with the customer (by the builder or in an integrated control).

    We explicitly point out the legally required regular maintenance o