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    Digital access control

    Since the establishment of our company, we have been connected through a system partnership with Simons Voss, the leading provider/developer of digital access solutions in Europe.

    Simons Voss has been developing digital solutions for keyless locking technology for 25 years, and we have been accompanying them from the beginning.

    If you are interested in solutions for a wide range of requirements for digital access systems in state-of-the-art execution, we invite you to visit the manufacturer’s website for an overview.

    You are also welcome to contact us directly with any concerns or questions.

    Here are some of our references:

    Medical University of Vienna, Webster University, OLG Vienna, OLG Graz, LG St. Pölten, Lenz Moser, Winzer Krems, ERBER Group, VelaLabs, CEGH, Manufactum Wien, Styria Verlag, and many more.